Benefits of Working with an Agency


  • Our focus is on helping you make the decision you decide is best for you and your child.

  • Confidentiality is always respected and maintained.

  • Counseling by qualified, objective counselors who understand the decisions you have to make and will support you as you make these choices.

  • NAAA agencies have completed countless adoptions and have counseled countless more women who have chosen to parent rather than place their child for adoption. We know the pros and cons to both and can help you make a permanent plan for you and your child.

  • The option to parent is always explored. ┬áThere is no pressure or obligation to choose adoption.

  • Temporary care for the child in a safe approved home is available, if needed.

  • A continuum of services is offered, including ongoing support for women, regardless of the choice they make for themselves and their baby.