Considering Adoption


The Nebraska Adoption Agencies Association is a collaboration of agencies who care about children and families.  We strive to act as an advocate for any family considering adoption.

Benefits of working with an agency….

  •  Adoption entails more than a legal document.  An agency will assist you in navigating the legal, social, and emotional issues while ensuring that ethical standards are maintained.

  • Information, education, and support are provided by qualified and experienced adoption professionals.

    • Adoption is a lifetime event for all family members.  A licensed child placing agency provides support to all members of your family throughout the life stages.

  • Support and guidance are offered to the pregnancy client who is considering adoption.

  • Records are permanently maintained for future services.

While each adoption is unique, according to Nebraska state law, a home study must be completed and approved by a licensed child placing agency for each adoption that occurs in the state.

A home study is an educational process that includes at least six face-to-face hours with an adoption professional, gathering information about the prospective parent(s) to help determine the safety and suitability of the prospective adoptive family.

How do I begin….

  1. Contact and interview the licensed child placing agencies in your area.

  2. Make a decision about what type of adoption is right for your family.

  3. Choose the agency you wish to work with an being the home study process.

  4. Educate yourself on how parenting through adoption differs from parenting a child by birth.