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Adoption Consultants, Inc 

Adoption Consultants is a licensed adoption agency offering professional adoption home study and post-placement supervision services to Nebraska residents.  Nebraska families adopting internationally or domestically, through attorneys or other agencies, receive precise and timely handling of adoption paperwork.  Our clients enjoy personal service and we are committed to ensuring that  our families are well educated about adoption issues.  Adoption Consultants is a non profit organization.  Our staff has over 50 years of combined adoption experience in Nebraska.

All About U Adoptions 

Adoption is not our job, it’s our life.  The All About U Adoptions team is passionate about empowering everyone in the adoption process.   Our staff is made up of individuals with personal experience in adoption including:  adoptive parents, members of a birth family or persons who were adopted.  Making that first call to an adoption agency can be exciting as well as scary.  Whether you are pregnant and considering your options or if you are a family considering adoption, we want to take time to get to know you; to help you become comfortable with the journey you will embark upon.

As a licensed child placing agency our services to adoptive families include customized training in the comfort of your home, home studies, domestic adoptions, educational opportunities, and on-going post placement support.  For those experiencing a crisis pregnancy, we provide option counseling and ongoing support as long as you need us.

Bethany Christian Services 

Bethany Christian Services is a global nonprofit organization that brings families together and keeps families together. Our mission is to demonstrate the love and compassion of Jesus Christ by protecting and enhancing the lives of children and families through quality social services. Every child deserves a loving family—that’s where children thrive best—but so many children don’t have this blessing. At Bethany, we believe a safe, loving family is a simple, proven, lasting answer to a child’s needs. We have free, confidential counseling for women and men of all ages who are considering parenting and adoption for their child. We will listen, answer their questions, support, educate, advocate for them, and respect their decision.  We provide services that include: pregnancy counseling, domestic adoption services, and independent domestic adoption home studies.

Child Saving Institute 

At CSI, we believe in the right of each child to have a childhood–a safe, happy time to learn and grow. Unfortunately, not every child in our community has a good experience during this amazing period from birth to adulthood, and that’s where we come in. CSI provides vital services to children and families. We serve pregnant women and young parents. We help young adults acquire the skills they need to transition to independence. We serve foster parents and biological parents to help them learn the skills they need for family well-being. And we work with kids, all kinds of kids–babies, toddlers, elementary-aged, junior high and high school–to ensure all children in our community are safe, well-cared-for and loved.

Sometimes, in the face of abuse and neglect, it can be a daunting task, but the rewards of success–a child’s smile, a baby’s chuckle, a teen’s nod of accomplishment–make the journey well worth it.

Christian Heritage 

The purpose of Christian Heritage is to Offer Hope to Children and Families.  Through our Family Care Program, we provide temporary care for children with the main goal of reunification with their birth families.  For some children, returning home is not possible and those children may need an adoptive home.  Our adoption services are available to families licensed or supported through our agency with placement of a child in their home needing permanency.  Christian Heritage is a licensed foster care and adoption agency.

We complete the adoption home study and provide ongoing support for our agency supported homes until the adoption is finalized.

Holt International 

Holt International’s Central States Branch is Hague accredited and offers personable and caring support by providing experienced social workers to assist you with your adoption. Holt knows that throughout the adoption process, you will have questions and concerns, or may just need to talk to someone who understands. The caring and capable staff Holt International’s expertise in adoption services right to your front door.

Holt’s Central States Branch will be here for you every step of the way as you embark on the wonderful journey of bringing a child — your child — from your heart…to your home.

Jewish Family Services 

Our professional staff is skilled in acting as a liaison and personal representative in the often complex adoption process. JFS provides individualized service by completing a domestic or international home study and the necessary follow-up support.

Jewish Family Service is proud to offer adoption services to prospective adoptive parents. We provide flexible scheduling to accommodate your busy lifestyles. As an affiliated member of the Nebraska Adoption Agencies Association (NAAA).

Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska 

For over 122 years, Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska (LFS) has worked to build stronger people, families and communities. With a vision of safety, hope and well-being for all people, LFS serves people in a variety of different programs, including adoption. LFS staff members do their work with excellence and humility, a sense of community responsibility, and a commitment to dignity and justice for all. In the adoption programs, we provide a continuum of services all guided by the deep seeded belief that children grow and develop most successfully in families. Our adoption programs are rooted in the belief that the child is the primary client and supports and services are available to parents to ensure the best future for the child.

LFS provides several adoption related services, including but not limited to pregnancy counseling, domestic adoption, domestic and international adoption home studies, and foster care adoption. Education about adoption issues and preparation for parenting adopted children are fundamental to all adoption opportunities at Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska.

Lutheran Family Service of Iowa

For nearly 120 years, Lutheran Family Service of Iowa has been a leader in Iowa adoptions, matching thousands of children with their forever families. We are now able to offer the same trusted and expert services to North and Central Illinois and Eastern Nebraska!

Lutheran Family Service of Iowa offers a Domestic Infant Adoption Program, a Down Syndrome Adoption program and services related to International Adoption and Embryo Adoption.

The Lutheran Family Service of Iowa adoption program is built on our belief that every human life—no matter how it was conceived—is precious in the eyes of God. Every child has the right to grow in families where their emotional, developmental, spiritual, and physical needs will be adequately met.

Adoption is a unique, lifelong experience for adopting parents, adopted children and birth parents. It requires ongoing education, reflection, and participation, and we will walk with you every step. Because of this, Lutheran Family Service of Iowa provides adoption help to both adoptive parents and birth parents.

Nebraska Children’s Home Society 

Since 1893, Nebraska Children’s Home Society has provided adoption services throughout Nebraska, with the guiding belief that children deserve safe and loving families. The adoption process is incredibly rewarding, but it can also feel complex and overwhelming. We work closely with adoptive parents to provide guidance and support, every step of the way. Our role is to provide parents considering adoption, birth parents, adoptive parents, and their extended families with ongoing education and support in order to make the best decision for them and their child. Once an adoption is complete, our offerings transition to post-adoption services – with educational, counseling and support opportunities for birth parents, adoptive parents and the entire family.

Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services dhhsLogo

All children deserve to grow up in a good home. When a child cannot be returned to his or her original family, adoption becomes the goal.

The goal of adoption is to provide a child with a family for the rest of their life. Adoption is the means of transferring to a child and parents all the legal rights that they would have if that child had been born to them.

The value of adoption is that it provides a child with the basic needs: legal status, social status, and a family of their own.